Season 2


black and white


Note, this season has not been broadcasted in the USA and was recorded on tape.

Note, in some episodes John Steed has as partner Venus Smith, marked with VS and in that episodes Cathy Gale did not play. Also in some episodes Dr. Martin King played, marked with MK and in Man in the mirror and A chorus of frogs One-Six played, marked with OS


MK-Dr. Martin King (performed by Jon Rollason)

OT-One-Ten (performed by Douglas Muir)

OS-One-Six (performed by Michael Gover)

VS-Venus Smith (performed by Julie Stevens)


01 Dead on course-MK

02 Mission to Montreal-MK

03 The sell out-MK

04 Death dispatch-OT

05 Warlock-OT

06 Propellant 23

07 Mr teddy bear-OT

08 The decapod-VS

09 Bullseye

10 The removal men-VS-OT

11 The Mauritius penny

12 Death of a great dane

13 Death on the rocks

14 Traitor in zebra

15 The big thinker

16 Intercrime

17 Immortal clay-OT

18 Box of tricks-VS

19 The golden eggs

20 School for traitors-VS

21 The white dwarf

22 Man in the mirror-VS-OS

23 A conspiracy of silence

24 A chorus of frogs-VS-OS

25 Six hands across a table

26 Killerwhale