Season 1


black and white



Because of the first season were just left two episodes from which I own one on DVD; the episode "The Frighteners" it seems to me very senseless to write the synopsis of that season, not even for the two left episodes. For that reason there are no pics available exept for the mentioned episode from which I added two pics. Well, I have to say the quality of the first three seasons isn't very good unless the fact they are digitally remastered. In a way you could say they were low-budget productions with bad sound and vision quality, so it isn't nearly worth watching it.




01 Hot snow

02 Brought to book

03 Square root of evil

04 Nightmare

05 Cescent moon

06 Girl on the trapeze

07 Diamond cut diamond

08 The radioactive man

09 Ashes of roses

10 Hunt the man down

11 Please don't feed the animals

12 Dance with death

13 One for the mortuary

14 The springers

15 The frighteners

16 The yellow needle

17 Death on the slipway

18 Double danger

19 Toy trap

20 Tunnel of fear

21 The far-distant dead

22 Kill the king

23 Dead of winter

24 The deadly air

25 A change of bait

26 Dragonsfield