Here's a list of producers and mention of the composers of the music.

The producer in the first season was Leonard White and the music was written by Johny Dankworth and so in the second and third season. 

In the second season the producers were Leonard White and John Bryce and in the third season the producer was John Bryce. 

The black and white season with Emma Peel (fourth season) was produced by Julian Wintle, Albert Fennell and Brian Clemens. The last mentioned person also was the storywriter of the most episodes. The music of this and further seasons was composed by Laurie Johnson. 

In the further seasons, Albert Fennell and Brian Clemens were the producers and Julian Wintle was the executive producer. 

At the New Avengers; season 1 and season 2, Albert Fennel and Brian Clemens were the producers. 

The producer of the movie was Jerry Weintraub.

And below the writers of the series in alphabetical order including the episodes they have written. Note that some episodes are written by more than one writer.



01 Robert Banks Stewart

02 Geoffrey Bellmann

03 Brandon Brady

04 Jeremy Burnham

05 Patrick Campbell

06 Philip Chambers

07 Brian Clemens

08 Lewis Davidson

09 Terrance Dicks

10 Fred Edge

11 Rex Edwards

12 Terence Feely

13 Colin Finbow



27 John Manship White

28 Roger Marshall

29 Max Marquis

30 Berkely Matter

31 James Mitchel

32 Doreen Montgomery

33 Terry Nation

34 Phyllis Norman

35 Geoffrey Orme

36 Eric Paice

37 Ludovic Peters

38 Lester Powell

39 Edward Rhodes



14 Leonard Fincham

15 Dave Freeman

16 John Gilbert

17 John Goldsmith

18 Richard Harris

19 Malcolm Hulke

20 Donald James

21 John Kruse

22 Philip Levene

23 Peter Ling

24 John Lucarotti

25 Richard Lucas

26 Don Mac Pherson




40 Ray Rigby

41 Reed R. De Rouen

42 Jeremy Scott

43 Dennis Spooner

44 Bill Strutton

45 Anthony Terpiloff

46 Leigh Vance

47 Gerald Verner

48 Sheilagh Ward

49 John Whitney

50 Tony Williamson

51 Michael Winder

52 Martin Woodhouse