season 5 


00 The strange case of the missing corpse

Introducing the 5th season





This episode which takes only three minutes is in fact an introduction episode for the colour-season with Emma Peel and was only broadcasted in the US. They used the set from the last episode of the black and white season with Emma Peel; Honey for the prince. This is the story; Steed and Emma enter asking where the body is. Then they go for search everywhere, Emma looks under the pillows on the sofa and Steed even looks in a teapot. Then Emma fights against an invisible enemy and beats him. Steed pours out some champagne and Emma asks if it's poisoned but Steed denies and says the nation is saved. Then the British flag is hoisted. Meanwhile Steed and Emma are still wondering where the body is. They look under a bearskin and find a young lady there. Steed says he can handle this alone and walks away arm in arm with the lady leaving Emma alone who starts knitting.